AccorHotels Académie Australia sees enhanced staff development and productivity with GoTo solutions

September 13, 2017 Teneille Dawe

Customer Success Story: AccorHotels Académie

As one of the leading hotel groups in the world, AccorHotels has over 4,000 hotels in more than 90 countries stretching across all continents. In Australia, it is one of the largest employers of tourism and hospitality staff with 203 hotels around the country.

To maintain its high-quality reputation in the industry, the AccorHotels Académie is the internal training facility responsible for providing training and development opportunities to over 10,000 employees.

Challenge: overcoming traditional learning and development restrictions for more efficient collaboration

The learning and development managers at AccorHotels Académie Australia recognised an opportunity to build better career pathways for its staff. A national curriculum was built to up-skill existing employees who showed potential to be future leaders within the AccorHotels network. However, the existing face-to-face course model faced significant challenges – considerable travel time, disruptions and costs for trainers and staff to undertake the training.

The division had previously relied on ad hoc WebEx conference calls mixed with Adobe Connect meetings, but they were interested in a more purpose-built, cost-effective and user-friendly solution.

“We really needed to transform to a virtual learning and development platform to better connect our staff at any time and on any device”, explained Michelle McKinnon, learning and talent executive for AccorHotels Académie Australia.

AccorHotels Académie Australia wanted to train its staff better in a way that still catered to the unique training styles, perspectives and experiences of its facilitators. The goal was to more efficiently and cost effectively reach the thousands of hospitality specialists it employed across the nation. Together with its Information Technology (IT) partner and under guidance from its global office in Paris, it assessed meeting and training solutions that would meet corporate requirements.

Solution: reaching more staff across the country online with GoToTraining

AccorHotels Académie Australia implemented GoToTraining to deliver a virtual training environment for up to 200 attendees per session in an open forum classroom. The inclusion of this interactive web-based platform into its training delivery meant that the business was able to deliver more flexible training options for all its staff located across the country. And with almost 600 training sessions and nearly 3,000 participants in the first 12 months of use – the uptake of this virtual training was clearly beneficial.

Every member of the team can now join any session much more easily. The department set up a more streamlined virtual learning and development calendar, replacing various regional calendars and saving the team in clumsy scheduling times across the country. The flexible scheduling also allowed staff from different departments, regions and hotels within the AccorHotels family to connect with trainers they may not have typically been exposed to. It has been particularly beneficial for remote staff that found it difficult to travel to regional training sessions.

“We have much greater rapport across a broader range of staff now because of GoToTraining. We can also more easily assess the effectiveness of our approach course by course. It’s an invaluable tool”, pointed out McKinnon.

With pre-loaded course details, break-outs into sub groups and course tests online, what used to take a whole day at an offsite location can now be completed within an hour. Classes can be recorded for non-attendees and for on-demand playback. Registration and evaluation functions provide immediate feedback for the training team, and Q& A sessions and attention meters highlight where audience members are most – and least – engaged.

Investing in corporate support programs leads to better engagement

Staff attending courses with AccorHotels Académie had traditionally never crossed paths unless they were attending the annual national conference. Now within the virtual learning and development environment, they are exposed to different perspectives and experiences their colleagues share.

“We have really moved into the learning circle methodology, which is based on the collective wisdom of the group”, said McKinnon. “It has ramped up rapport and built corporate culture and teamwork in ways we never thought possible. Our success here in Australia has also extended to our colleagues in New Zealand – expanding the benefits across further regions”.

GoToTraining is also used to share information companywide – even for non-Académie training products.

“We are being called on to facilitate companywide information updates for hotel and franchise operators because we are so familiar with the GoTo platform”, said McKinnon. “It is has replaced the additional costs for teleconferences and the hassle of sending the presentation to everyone prior to an update”.

In addition, the business has extended its online presence by taking advantage of GoToMeeting as a supplementary communications tool for dedicated follow-up meetings and one-to-one coaching sessions. Over four hundred meetings in one year were used for post-training sessions and smaller team meetings across the country. The division has also used GoToMeeting to connect more effectively with it external suppliers. And other AccorHotels departments have also recognised its benefits – sales and marketing are using it for their specific activities, whilst finance is using it to explain internal processes and updates with staff.

“GoToMeeting is ideal to talk and view screens at the same time. It’s much more productive”, said McKinnon.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible, virtual learning means great gains for staff, no matter where they’re located

  • More staff trained than ever using a virtual classroom

  • Increased collaboration and reduced inefficiencies each day

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