FCM Travel Solutions implements GoTo Products to improve Collaboration and Reduce Inefficiencies

May 29, 2017 Julian Gros

FCM Travel Solutions Implements GoTo Products to Improve Collaboration and Reduce Inefficiencies

FCM Travel Solutions is the flagship corporate travel business of the publicly listed and globally iconic Flight Centre Travel Group. The FCM Travel Solutions brand is within the top 5 global travel management companies, and manages the travel programs for some of the world’s leading corporate brands.

Challenge: enhancing the collaboration experience and increasing employee productivity

The Information Technology (IT) team for FCM Travel Solutions in Singapore manages the implementation and support of collaboration and support tools for its operations in Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam and the Philippines.

For FCM Travel Solutions hundreds of its corporate accounts staff travel frequently, leading to many of them working remotely 24/7. This means that there is a great need to stay in touch with colleagues and clients across multiple time zones, and using traditional communication methods was costing the business expensive mobile network charges.

From an IT support perspective, Leo Poh, IT Administrator for FCM Travel Solutions had also been using TeamViewer and it was just no longer suitable.

“It simply wasn’t user friendly and the need to frequently add new licences and manage issues such as hidden call charges burdened us with further budget stress. We had multiple solutions from multiple vendors and neither our audio conferencing or support tool was easy to use, meaning our total cost of ownership was much higher than what we initially thought”.

FCM Travel Solutions needed to enhance its productivity outcomes, whilst reducing the total cost to the business. It became clear that the business needed to find a better way to communicate with each other and clients, plus transform its remote support, into a more convenient, secure and cost-effective option.

Solution 1: GoToMeeting + OpenVoice delivers more effective communications

Poh and his team were familiar with the GoTo solutions courtesy of FCM Travel Solutions’ Australian operations. Following a short internal team trial, they implemented GoToMeeting in Singapore and then company-wide to replace the disparate solutions they had been grappling with.

The GoToMeeting mobile app is also ideal for a team always on the move.

“With GoToMeeting, FCM Travel Solutions transformed its online collaboration - allowing sales staff to instantly connect with clients and virtually walk them through time-sensitive travel documents”.

The company also benefited from integrating the robust teleconferencing OpenVoice solution with GoToMeeting. Staff find it very easy to set up, connect with other colleagues and clients and record calls even when on the go.

With all of its corporate accounts, business development reps and account managers relying on GoToMeeting and OpenVoice, better business outcomes are now being delivered. Call quality is much more reliable and meetings are more productive – all making it easier for clients to do business with them.

The ease of use of GoToMeeting has seen call duration times double and hosted meetings steadily increase, sometimes doubling during the peak travel months of the year. Its initial 12 GoToMeeting licences has grown to 44 and counting, highlighting how a lack of user-friendliness in its previous solution impacted the staff – and the bottom line.

“The ease of use and ability to view documents live on screen has paid off for our sales and account management teams. Our next phase is to communicate and collaborate more effectively with our customers to ensure their customer experience with us is the best we can possibly offer”.

Solution 2: GoToAssist transforms support with reduced inefficiencies

The move to GoToAssist has solved the restrictions the IT support team faced previously with four IT support team members only being able to share three licences - meaning one team member was never available to provide support.

In addition, there was no unattended support option for IT queries with the support team requiring a staff member at hand on the other side to help them diagnose and manage any IT queries, creating a very manual and laborious process. This impacted both productivity levels and total cost of ownership of the solution.

“The moment we implemented GoToAssist we instantly transformed our support offering. With one click we could now see the specs we needed to assess – even with unattended computers, making for a much easier remote diagnostics outcome”.

Today FCM Travel Solutions still has the same number of support requests but its response and time-to-close rate has significantly improved.

Improving the ROI with GoToMeeting and GoToAssist

With the first phase of rollout completed for GoToMeeting – plus a significant reduction in hidden charges - Poh has achieved a 22 per cent average monthly saving in audio teleconferencing costs.  

And, courtesy of GoToAssist the IT Support team has produced a 98 per cent Service Level Agreement result. It has also reduced its headcount and IT support team costs by a further 25 per cent.

In the future FCM Travel Solutions is looking towards adding to its GoTo suite with GoToWebinar to help communicate company information to a wider audience.

“We have completed our first client trial and are looking to delivering a one-stop suite across our entire region. The consolidation onto one vendor is easier for us to administrate and manage licences as our business grows”.

Key Benefits

  • One stop, user friendly tools for better productivity and collaboration
  • Reduced inefficiencies through intuitive solutions makes doing business easier
  • Call and support costs reduced by a minimum of 20 per cent




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