Why Telecom is Ripe for Disruption and How to Use it to Your Advantage

May 4, 2017

Roger Courville, Chief Content Officer, EventBuilderWebinar recording
from May 17, 2017

Roger Courville,
Chief Content Officer, EventBuilder

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If you’re not interested in how you can hold your telco vendors more accountable – then this session isn’t for you. If we’re living in a disruptive, technological world – why are we still faced with convoluted telco bills, hidden fees, and poor user experiences.
We’ve brought in Roger Courville, communications and collaboration expert, to share a different perspective on what’s broken and how you can fix it.

In this recording you learn:

  • How the telco industry has been lulled into mediocrity
  • How employee behaviours drive costs (and how telco’s take advantage of it)
  • Three things to include in evaluating your next vendor
  • Two indicators which, if true, mean you should NOT challenge the status quo (no matter how badly you want to)

About the Speaker
Roger Courville, CSP is author of multiple books on the business of real time, remote communication and collaboration and Chief Content Officer at EventBuilder, an enterprise virtual events firm. He has spoken and consulted around the world with organisations as diverse as Fedex, Colgate, Australia Institute of Company Directors, Asia Professional Speakers Association, and LogMeIn.

Watch the webinar recording

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