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June 9, 2016

The Paperless Office

The Paperless Office: Work that works for you 

Ever wondered what work would be like if you weren’t chained to your desk? If all your work could be done without paper, without pens, without having to be in the office or in the meeting?

With the paperless office suite from Citrix, it’s all possible. ShareFile, RightSignature, GoToMeeting and GoToMyPC help you achieve true mobility at work and in life — all while being more productive, more responsive and more efficient.

Read on to see how going paperless can work for you.

It’s Thursday, and you’re working on a contract that needs client approval today. Your boss (the one you need a signature and contract approval from) is stuck at an airport across the country. You’ve got an unsigned, unapproved contract, and a client repeatedly emailing asking for the final copy. Compounding all of this, your son has a soccer playoff at 4 PM today that you promised you’d attend.

Starting to panic? Don’t.


Electronic signatures on the move

You send the contract to your boss via ShareFile + RightSignature. She can access the contract on her mobile device, review and sign it electronically. The signed file automatically uploads back to your ShareFile folder. You use ShareFile + RightSignature again to forward the contract to the client for review and signature.

Your client looks the contract over and has questions. Rather than trade emails all afternoon, you use GoToMeeting for a quick discussion. The built-in HD video conferencing is the next-best thing to face-toface personal communication, and the screen-sharing feature helps you and the client review the contract together and get the questions answered fast.

Perfect timing, too, since you just got a text from your son saying that he’s home from school and ready for soccer.


Remote access with GoToMyPc

From the sidelines of your son’s game, you get an email from your boss sent just before she boarded her flight. She wants to see the original proposal for the deal. That file is on your computer at work. With your GoToMyPC app, you access your work computer from your phone and quickly forward the proposal to your boss.

Another update from the sidelines: an email alert lets you know that the client has signed the contract and the final version is in your ShareFile folder. And since ShareFile has version control, you know that you have a record of all signatures and contract versions. You send your boss a link to the final contract before using your phone to take video of the final climactic minutes of the game.


Paperless Office


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It can be done: with the right tools, you can experience the freedom of working your way. Learn how Citrix can help.

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