Business Fitness gets in shape with GoToMeeting Corporate with GoToWebinar

May 13, 2016

“GoToMeeting Corporate with GoToWebinar is a strong sales and marketing solution that helps us to efficiently reach our target market.”
- Michael Carter Co-founder, Director of Marketing and Business Development Business Fitness

Business Fitness is a specialist consultancy that provides expert advice to Australian accounting firms and small businesses on how to implement processes that enhance business efficiency. Launched in 2001, Business Fitness provides services to over 900 accounting firms and 150 small businesses on process improvement and document management, as well as best practices and benchmarking. HowNow® document and knowledge management software is Business Fitness’ signature solution designed to manage the increased volumes of paper and electronic documents that plague businesses today.

The Challenge: Finding the right marketing approach to drive sales 

Business Fitness’ unique products and services require an educational sales process. Potential customers must first understand key concepts in knowledge management and business efficiency to comprehend the value that Business Fitness can bring. The challenge for Business Fitness lies in educating prospects on business efficiency, and then generating demand for its HowNow software.

“Our marketing approach at Business Fitness is to educate and impress,” explained Co-founder and Director of Marketing & Business Development Michael Carter. “There are a number of principles and concepts that prospective clients need to understand before using our software. Our approach is to educate them and then establish a platform for ongoing engagement.”

However, educating prospects using traditional approaches like in-person seminars was costing the company $4,000 per seminar. This approach also introduced long lead times to the sales cycle; while the majority of business leads were driven by these seminars, they were held only twice a year. The company’s bi-annual seminar schedule became too costly and inefficient to sustain. Business Fitness went in search of a marketing tool that would allow the company to harness the power of the Web to educate a greater number of prospects more frequently and economically.

Implementing GoToMeeting Corporate with GoToWebinar

Business Fitness had used other Web conferencing products but was never fully satisfied, as they were costly and complicated. Introduced to Citrix® GoToWebinar® through a customer referral in 2005, Carter quickly saw the advantages of this easy-to-use, interactive tool for delivering real-time seminars over the Web to prospects. Carter was especially drawn to the GoToWebinar product features like the Recording function, which enables users to record sessions for subsequent education and training.

Business Fitness initially purchased one GoToWebinar organiser seat, and had the software up and running in a matter of days. Seeing immediate value, it increased the number of organiser seats and began using it across the entire organisation to include internal operations and training. Carter extended his use of the online tool to conduct smaller collaborative sessions with customers to build strong relationships.

Transforming marketing using Webinars

Using GoToWebinar, Business Fitness has shifted its marketing seminars online. The move has already saved the business $40,000 in hard costs associated with physical seminars such as venue hire, travel, accommodation and printing. Business Fitness re-invested those savings back into its business, increasing the number of annual marketing seminars from two to eleven. In addition, GoToWebinar enabled the delivery of more personalised presentations to prospects.

“GoToWebinar is a great engagement tool that keeps the audience involved. Online seminars allow us to market our software and services through topics of interest to prospective customers, like achieving an efficient paperless office or improving process efficiency. With the polling and Q & A features of GoToWebinar, we can make each session interactive. Being able to get instant feedback from Webinar attendees enables us to develop future seminars that interest our audience and deliver value,” Carter explained.

Redesigning the sales process with online meetings

After educating customers on business efficiency through a GoToWebinar session, interested prospects are taken through the second step of the sales process online. This includes a software demonstration and a technical assessment, which Business Fitness delivers via GoToMeeting. By moving this process online, Business Fitness’ sales representatives no longer physically travel for customer demonstrations in 90 percent of cases.

In addition, the sale is closed quicker because all of the decision makers can be involved in the online meeting. During these pre-implementation meetings, prospects are given an enhanced demonstration of HowNow. These demonstrations are often recorded and then uploaded to a web server whereby prospects can click on a link to watch a complete replay—including the conversation—of what was presented and discussed during their custom demonstration.

“We’ve transformed our sales process, which used to take months to complete,” said Carter. “Using GoToMeeting, we’ve doubled the number of one-on-one presentations we can deliver in a day because everything is done much more efficiently online.”

Before GoToMeeting, technical assessments were often difficult to perform as they involve analysing the layout and structure of a client’s electronic filing system. The screen sharing capabilities of GoToMeeting now give Business Fitness secure access to a customer’s network, enabling staff to provide a technical assessment in minutes instead of days. The sales team also finds that its use of online meetings reinforces Business Fitness’ position as a business efficiency expert.

“Our focus at Business Fitness is to help our customers improve business efficiency. We want to show our customers that we practice what we preach. Using GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting allows us to lead by example because we are using the best in technology to drive efficiencies for our own business,” said Carter.

Getting fit with many benefits

Business Fitness estimates that it has saved upwards of $100K by moving its sales and marketing activities online using GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting. “GoToMeeting Corporate with GoToWebinar is a strong sales and marketing solution that helps us to efficiently reach our target market,” said Carter. More recently, the company significantly decreased its audio costs, saving $2,000 per month due to a product enhancement that integrates audio conferencing to both products.

In addition to cost savings, online meetings and Webinars make ongoing customer relations easier, which is critical to retaining business. Business Fitness holds a Webinar series for clients known as “Online Business Fitness Classes” that are designed to help customers maximise their software usage.

“It’s vital to us that our software does not become ‘shelf-ware.’ With GoToWebinar, we are able to deliver more value to our customers by providing ongoing education and software demonstrations to help them maximise their return on investment,” Carter explained.

Key Benefits

  • Radically transformed the company’s sales and marketing approach
  • Simplified software demonstrations and technical assessments to prospective customers
  • Saved over $100K in marketing and operating costs
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