The Improvement Foundation

May 13, 2016

Established in Adelaide in 2006 as a not-for-profit organisation, the Improvement Foundation is a leading provider of consultancy and training services to drive quality improvement in the primary healthcare sector.

The Australian Primary Care Collaborative Program (APCC) it implemented has grown to include over 1,100 general practices, more than 90 divisions of General Practice and approximately 2,300 general practice staff. It has helped over 400,000 Australian patients with chronic diseases have a better quality of life.


Due to the rural and remote locations of the foundation’s indigenous health facilities, staff training and education posed a costly and time-consuming exercise. Arranging training sessions often suffered due to distance and emergencies. The foundation wanted a solution that offered a cost-effective option and provided the flexibility to guarantee that staff received the training they need to support improvements to indigenous health across Australia.

“We regularly conduct medical training for people living in the town of Katherine in the Northern Territory, so this would require our staff to physically travel there and deliver these sessions.”
-Julian Flint, National Director of Information and Communication Technology


With the obvious shortfalls of the previous solution, the foundation rolled out a triad of Citrix products: GoToMeeting, GoToTraining and GoToWebinar. This enabled staff to walk into a conference room and start a webinar. Trainees − irrespective of their location or connection − were then able to access high-quality interaction and visual demonstrations. The ability to record workshops ensured those who could not attend were still able to view the content.

“Citrix products have changed everything. We walk into a conference room, start the webinar and people — irrespective of their location or connection, get good-quality interaction and visual demonstrations.”
-Julian Flint, National Director of Information and Communication Technology


  • Online training with GoToTraining dramatically reduced the foundation’s cost as it removed the need for training staff to physically travel around the country.
  • Using GoToWebinar, the foundation is able to measure its training audience engagement and has seen improved involvement.
  • GoToTraining has provided flexibility for remote medical staff, who can now access recorded training demonstrations at a more convenient or appropriate time.
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