Lockyer Valley Regional Council (LVRC)

May 13, 2016

Based in Gatton, Australia, Lockyer Valley Regional Council (LVRC) services a local government area that covers 2,200 square kilometers and a population of over 36,000 people.

Formed in 2008 from the merger of two shires, the council is responsible for community needs such as physical infrastructure, public recreation facilities and town planning. The council currently has a mayor, six elected representatives and around 300 full-time staff.


Located in a rural area, LVRC staff were scattered among remote sites and often on the road to neighboring cities for meetings. As such, they needed a simple way to collaborate with the main office from wherever they were.

“Customers have appreciated the GoToAssist Corporate web chat service. When we did a customer service feedback survey recently, we had a 100 percent positive result. No one had anything bad to say about it.”
- Paul Cranch, Project Coordinator, LVRC

In addition, the council was looking for a long-term solution to its evolving digital IT strategy that would support new operating systems and devices and improve the quality, availability and speed of its online community services.


After looking at other councils’ programs, LVRC implemented Citrix solutions in early 2014 with the support of the federal government’s Digital Local Government Program. The council rolled out GoToMeeting first to staff across departments for remote collaboration through video conferencing, which quickly cut down on travel. LVRC next set up GoToAssist Corporate on their website for live chat support with ratepayers, who “love it because they can get through quickly and get a response,” said LVRC project manager Jason Harm. Finally, ShareFile allowed the council to track large documents and gain better control of its paperwork.

“If we had consultants coming out to a regional area, we had to pay for accommodation and travel. Using GoToMeeting video conferencing is a lot quicker and more cost effective.”
- Paul Cranch, Project Coordinator, LVRC


  • GoToAssist, GoToMeeting and ShareFile allow LVRC to deliver innovative, replicable and scalable services to local residents that other local governments across Australia can adapt and use.
  • GoToMeeting reduces travel time and expenses and, with multi-platform support for mobile devices and collaborative touch displays, allows staff to share information quickly and conveniently.
  • Live web chat through GoToAssist Corporate drastically cuts wait times for community support, improving customer service and public reputation for the council.
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