Staying Productive When Connected Digitally

November 25, 2015

Roger Courville, Author & Chief, AHA Guy, TheVirtualPresenter.comWebinar recording from
November 25, 2015 

Roger Courville,
Author & Chief,
AHA Guy,

Watch the webinar recording

Research confirms every interruption has a time-cost that far exceeds the interruption itself. So how do you connect and collaborate in an always-on world without killing your day?

According to Roger Courville, big company escapee-turned-solopreneur, “The answer isn’t another time-management system. I’ve seen too many people, myself included, crash and burn trying to do something artificial.”

Whether the “noise” is inside or outside your organisation, Roger will take you through a refreshingly different practical approach to staying productive when always on digitally.

View this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • What to do when time management systems don’t work for you
  • The 3 big buckets you need strategies for
  • Tips for integrating social and collaborative technology when you don’t need more to do
  • Digital tools for creating “keep your eye on” dashboards – even when mobile

Watch the webinar recording

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