Orca Social

April 29, 2016

About the company

Orca Social is a social media consultancy which enables large B2B companies to do social media from within. By offering workshops, driving guides, access to a knowledge database, webinars and ongoing consultancy as part of a membership model the company supports their clients to unlock the full potential of social media. Orca Social employs a small team of experts based across London, Copenhagen and Malaga who in turn work with freelancers globally.  

"GoToMeeting enables us to work remotely and not to be tied to one office. Without flexible ways of working and robust collaboration tools we would simply not be able to operate. It’s integral to our business and has helped us to build a global network of customers and employees."
- Ed Major, Co-founder


“When starting our business 18 months ago, our top priority was finding the best talent,” said Ed Major, co-founder of Orca Social. The consultancy’s customers are predominantly large enterprises based across Europe so the location of staff was not an important criteria to take into account. “It’s simply not about location, it’s about the individual”, said Major. Building a team spread across European sites and working with international customers required a simple collaboration tool and a flexible working environment.


Citrix GoToMeeting was the first online meeting solution Major was introduced to in a previous role and due to its reliability he has kept loyal to it over the years. It now enables the Orca Social team to stay connected and to seamlessly interact with prospects and clients, no matter where they are based. After the kick-off workshops for their customers, the team maintains a dialogue with clients through monthly consultation calls and one-to-one sessions via GoToMeeting. The solution is also used for monthly webinars with leading industry speakers.


  • Citrix GoToMeeting combines screen sharing, HD video conferencing and a built-in audio conference enabling participants to dial in either via phone of VoIP.
  • Citrix GoToMeeting facilitates a flexible working environment and allows Orca Social to hire the best talent regardless of location.
  • Citrix GoToMeeting fosters international collaboration with prospects and clients across the world and increases efficiency.

Facts at a glance

Solution  Collaboration
Product  GoToMeeting
Industry  Consulting
Country  United Kingdom
Website  http://orcasocial.co.uk

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