April 29, 2016

About the company 

Shoptility was born out of CEO Will Lownsbrough’s frustration with the time it took to search for a holiday online. Shoptility aims to revolutionise the way consumers shop online by dramatically reducing the amount of time spent searching for products and services. It introduces shoppers to retailers and enables direct conversations between them, adding a human touch to the online buying process. In just a few simple steps, shoppers get access to thousands of brands, ready and waiting to provide a more personal shopping experience. The company’s success is based on signing up retailers and shoppers. Shoptility has been operating for almost a year, with offices in London and York and 25 employees.

"GoToMeeting completely changed the way we do business, allowing us to have face-to-face conversations anytime, anywhere. It was one of our first solutions and has grown with us. It’s one of the simplest systems I’ve ever used.”"

"Now that we use Citrix GoToMeeting we have reduced our travel dramatically even though we serve more customers than ever. We can collaborate with clients worldwide as if we were next door. "
- Will Lownsbrough, CEO


After founding the company, Lownsbrough and his team were trying to sign up retailers to an idea before they even had a website or an office. “It was vital to be able to introduce ourselves and show them something very quickly after garnering their initial interest – all on a very small budget and from the comfort of my garage. We had to get our ideas in front of people before they lost interest and moved on to something else – without spending money and time on travelling!”.


Lownsbrough was already familiar with Citrix and associated the company name with quality, business-grade tools. Despite the free products on offer, he wanted something reliable he could use immediately. “Citrix GoToMeeting was one of the first tools we put in place and is one of the simplest systems I’ve ever used – my
kind of product!”

The Shoptility team can call retailers, then within seconds initiate a face-to-face online meeting and share their screen to demonstrate prototypes of their product. The tool is also used to fix technical problems by handing over the keyboard and mouse control.


  • Provides great ease of use, allowing Shoptility to work anytime, anywhere, which is vital for a start-up.
  • Creates fast, vital visibility to encourage new business, without the need to leave the office.
  • Increases efficiency by allowing the account management team at Shoptility to hold nearly three times as many meetings on a daily basis than they would if they were always on the road
  • Is extremely scalable due to a SaaS model and can grow with the company, adapting to the budget and the number of employees.

Facts at a glance

Solution  Collaboration
Product  GoToMeeting
Industry  Retail
Country  United Kingdom

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