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April 29, 2016

Virtual trade show with GoToWebinar boosts lead generation for CAD firm Man and Machine


Visitor numbers of traditional fairs are on the decline, so four years ago Man and Machine felt the need to try something new to generate leads. By introducing a virtual CAD fair, the company intended to reach current and prospect customers regardless of their location while keeping the investment for everyone involved to an absolute minimum. However, the first solution implemented turned out to be unfit for the challenge—it was complicated to use and produced incalculable audio costs.

GoToWebinar enables us to organise our international CAD fair through an intuitive platform and present our solutions to existing customers and prospects around the globe. With minimum input, we create maximum visibility and lead-generation impact.
- Michael Nachtsheim, Marketing Director


Man and Machine decided to switch to Citrix GoToWebinar for its exceptional ease of use and flat-rate pricing model with integrated audio. After a brief and smooth implementation, the entire 2013 CAD fair was organised through the intuitive webinar tool and an API-connected CRM system—everything from invitations and hosting of 100 webinars during three days on to personalised follow-up emails after the event.

Our first CAD fair with GoToWebinar was an amazing success—it generated more leads than all our other on-site fairs combined and reduced the costs per lead considerably.
- Michael Nachtsheim, Marketing Director


  • Planning and communication cycles for the event became a lot Product GoToWebinar, GoToMeeting shorter and enabled greater flexibility for the planning staff. Industry High tech - Software Country Germany
  • With 2000 visitors participating in three to four CAD fair sessions on average, GoToWebinar generated more than 6,500 touch points with a minimum investment of €15-20 per lead – compared to €150-250 at a comparable on-site fair.
  • Thanks to GoToWebinar, Man and Machine can commit its best internal experts from different sites in Europe to speak at the fair and answer questions without racking up any travel costs.
  • Visitors can actively participate through the chat and survey features of GoToWebinar. Moreover, visitors appreciate the possibility to arrange their very own agenda and watch recordings of the sessions afterwards.
  • Besides the CAD fair, Man and Machine promotes its offering and generates leads by hosting regular online training sessions and webinars for customers and prospects via GoToWebinar.
  • Man and Machine also use GoToMeeting—a smaller, more collaborative online meeting product included with GoToWebinar—to enhance collaboration among employees working all together all over the globe.

About the Company

Man and Machine is Europe’s leading provider of CAD (computer-aided design) solutions and the second largest Autodesk system house worldwide. It provides expertise in digital design and data management and specialises in the supply of solutions to manufacturers, engineers, architects and product designers. Established in 1984, Man and Machine is part of a pan-European group operating in 9 countries, with over 650 staff members.

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