Ghihan Perera: The 7 biggest mistakes you can make in web conferences

April 29, 2016

This report won't teach you how to be an effective presenter, facilitator, moderator, chair or meeting participant; rather, it assumes you already have these skills and can apply them effectively in in-person meetings. Now we'll look at how to transfer these skills to online meetings so you still come across as competent, professional and articulate. 

Here are the 7 biggest mistakes people make in web conferences:

  1. Winging it in your participation
  2. Starting late
  3. Not using the technology appropriately
  4. Trating it like an in-person meeting
  5. Sying no to video
  6. Not using a clear structure
  7. Losing your cool

Now let's consider each in turn, so you understand them and can learn how to avoid them. 

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